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This game has the purpose of raising challenge to the maximum, giving more variety (monster types, items, spells, bosses, unique items), providing more randomness (monster generation on levels, monster stats, varying mob sizes and bosses, AC on items, level coloring, drops, uniques with greatly varying stats, etc.) and making the Multiplayer experience fully functional. And, most importantly, this game has one main goal: to give maximum pleasure from playing the game

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About this mod...

Diablo: The Hell is a free modification of Diablo: Hellfire. It features many minor improvements and bug fixes, which combined greatly enhances the players experience over the original game. While at the same time it maintains the original atmosphere of Diablo.


  • Challenge factor and replay value raised considerably
  • True to the style and atmosphere of the original Diablo
  • New player graphics
  • +400 named monsters (bosses)
  • 206 base items
  • +500 unique items
  • New and adjusted magic items
  • New and adjusted spells
  • Singleplayer levels like "Poisoned Water Supply" are different on each difficulty
  • Hundreds of new and improved environment and monster palettes
  • Completely revamped experience gain
  • Improved & expanded monster AI
  • Additional, better balanced character classes
  • Optional expanded music add-on with improved quality
  • Unlimited item storage, shared between characters
  • Improved PvE and PvP balance
  • Thousands of new gameplay features and enhancements
  • Full support for Internet multiplay through Hamachi or Tunngle
  • Native support for LAN multiplay, even with Windows 7/Vista
  • Hotkeys for faster spell switching
  • Bug Fixes
  • You get less gold and items are sold for higher prices


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